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Top Quality Heavy Cow Hide Side Lace Leather Mc Jacket W/Quilted Liner
We have learned a lot about what you want in a leather motorcycle jacket and the quality you expect.  This is a top quality, black leather, traditional style,  motorcycle jacket. This heavy cowhide MC jacket is just about as nice as they get.  It is fully quilted, with high quality brass zippers, brass buttons, and brass belt buckle.  It comes with a fully removable leather jacket belt.  It has side lace adjustment in case you have a little to much Bud.  Don't ride on Bud.   It is made from heavy, class B+ A+, cowhide leather.  Since we opened the doors in 1997, we have learned a lot about what you want and the quality you expect.  Will most of your friends feel jealous, Yes!!  We will continue to listen. 
Series Number M501
Series Number M501
Example: If you wish to order a size 46 your model number becomes a M50146
Sizes 42,44,46,48
Suggested Retail  $399.99 to $599.99
Your Price $179.00
Sizes: 50,52
Your Price $183.00
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